How to Get More Guilt-Free Personal Time with Banana Moon Nursery Hounslow?  You Could be Missing Out!

All parents are in the same predicament when it comes to the challenge of having more time for themselves and peace of mind.  You may wish to get back into work, go to the gym or read a book. When you are away from your children your mind becomes unsettled and you miss them and hope that they are being taken care of properly. You want them to have fun and to progress.  This worry will always be there, and we are here to make it easier by supporting you and your child to ensure you get your personal time to work on yourself and gain some peace of mind whilst your child is learning and progressing through fun and play at our Banana Moon Day Nursery Hounslow.


Our Mission is:

“To challenge and Inspire unique little minds by learning through fun and play with constant care and compassion for all whilst ensuring a positive, memorable experience is made to the lives of our Banana Moon children and their families”


There are many benefits that you will receive by sending your child to Banana Moon and a few are listed below:

Peace of Mind and the Feeling of Trust and Confidence that Your Child is Safe and Developing through Fun and Play.

All the staff members have undergone a rigorous 5 stage recruitment process which has been designed to ensure that your child’s key persons are of the highest standards. They have all been DBS checked and have First Aid qualification.  All of our team members must attend up to 4 in-house training sessions a year which helps further enhance their skills and knowledge ensuring your child is receiving the best on a continuous basis.

You will gain further peace of mind knowing your child is eating fresh meals everyday cooked onsite by our very own Chef.  If your child attends on a full day basis they will receive all their daily required 5 fruits and vegetables.  They will also receive a lot of physical play ensuring exercise is a daily part of their routine including dancing, climbing, running and stretching which takes place within our indoor and outdoor gardens.

5 star food hygiene

You will know your child is safe within the nursery setting as security and hygiene is paramount to us.  Many professionals, including the Local Authorities, have commented on how secure and hygienically friendly our nursery is due to the biometrics finger recognitions entry system and video intercom system on the front door, extensive CCTV throughout the nursery, direct connection to the police and fire department 24 hours a day, Air Sterilising Units installed within each room purifying the air and eradicating air-borne virus and bacteria, child friendly hand sanitisers, continuous supply of purified filtered water to name a few additional extras that you will find unique to our Banana Moon Day Nursery Hounslow.

Your Child Could Receive up to 25% Increased Intake in your Child’s Learning, Creativity and Imagination.

A bold statement to make, however numerous studies have shown an increase in lighting increases the activity within the brains’ Cerebrum Cortex, which is the area responsible for language and information processing.  Lighting is a dominant factor in the brains ability to focus and be more alert and creative.  Increased lighting improves behaviour, creates less anxiety and stress and improves overall health. We have taken this scientific research on board and installed more lighting throughout our nursery creating a bright day time feeling.

Furthermore, all our resources are the best in the market which we continuously update as and when needed and through personal testing are the most fun.  It is always a delight seeing happy children playing with the resources and toys.

Children learn life skills and good routines daily that will become evident over time at home as your child settles in.  Transitioning to Primary School can also be an anxious time for parents.  We work closely with the local schools and fully support parents and children through this transition.  Children are encouraged to be “School ready” so parents can be relieved in knowing that they will be ok in “Big School”  Email us to request further information

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Many of our parents who have wanted the best for their child and came to visit our nursery initially, went away to look at other nurseries and then came back and registered with us have been overjoyed by our service provided to them and their child.  Some of their comments from Banana Moon Hounslow Nursery are:

 “Seen a lot of nurseries for our little one and this one was our favourite. The rooms are so bright and colourful, lots activities to keep them busy. Kept very clean and tidy
Staff are very friendly and helpful, we are very happy with our choice to put our child in this nursery. It’s never easy leaving your little one and going to work but makes it a little easier knowing they will be in safe hands and will have a good time.” Nav Johal

Banana moon is a very well-presented nursery, a lovely team of staff who are very passionate about what they do. They do a great range of activities with the children; my little ones are always exited to show me what they have been doing when I pick them up. My children have made amazing progress since being at banana moon, I could not of picked a better nursery.
Thank you, Banana Moon Hounslow! X” Ellie Leonette

“What a beautiful nursery…as a parent we want the best for our child. At first I was so worried leaving my 2 year old there..knowing if she’s ok…the warm kind response I get from the lovely staff everyday makes me so happy, thank you Banana Moon staff and Management. X” Anita Dhanoa

“Great nursery – friendly staff, and since my son has made amazing progress (everyone comments on how amazing he is progressing).  Great to know that he’s having healthy food and prepared fresh on-site.  Staff are friendly and seem to genuinely care about the kids in their care…”     Michael Cox

“By far the best nursery I’ve seen… Caring, warm, friendly staff and thanks to them my daughter is very happy here. As a parent I feel
completely safe leaving my daughter in their care knowing she will learn a lot and be treated well. Beautiful rooms and garden for the children to spend their days. Extremely clean, fresh and modern nursery. A real gem! Thank you to the all the staff and management so far for everything !” Meera Gill

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Risk Free:

Finally, by registering your child with us we have minimised the risk and uncertainty for you by reassuring you that there is no yearly contract in place, if you do wish to cancel your child’s place with us at any time, you just have to give us 1-month notice.  Furthermore, we offer up to 2 weeks free settling in sessions ensuring your child is ready for nursery and you are ready for your personal time.

As a gift for you so that you can be reassured that you are receiving the best service we offer you 10% discount off the first 3 months fees, a saving of up to £550 (based on full time rates)

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Banana Moon Hounslow First Ofsted report – Nov 2017:

Please find below a summary of our recent Ofsted Report which we are proud to have achieved a Good:

  •   Staff provide children with a wide range of interesting activities that support their good progress. They have high expectations of what children can achieve. 
  •   Staff develop strong bonds with children and are caring, sensitive and attentive to their needs. They help children to appreciate, value and respect differences and successfully promote a culture of inclusion. Staff manages children well. All children demonstrate that they feel safe and emotionally secure in the nursery. 
  •   Parents are very complimentary about the nursery. They state that they feel involved in their children’s learning, and they value the information shared with them through the regular parents’ evenings, informative workshops and family events. 
  •   The manager demonstrates exceptional commitment to supporting staff in their roles, and reviews staff practises effectively to improve outcomes for children. 
  •   The well-qualified staff team uses its knowledge and training very effectively to provide an environment that ignites children’s curiosity to explore. 
  •   Babies have space and free access to stimulating activities that encourage them to explore. 
  •   Staff support toddlers to develop their imagination. 
  •   Staff successfully identify children’s next steps in learning, helping them to make good progress in readiness for school. 
  •   The nursery is clean, well maintained, bright and welcoming. 
  •   The Key Person system is effective and staff meet children’s individual needs to a high standard. 
  •   Children develop a good sense of safety and keep their friends safe. 
  •   All children are extremely motivated and show a positive attitude to learning 
  •   They readily write for a purpose and confidently use numbers to work out simple mathematical problems. 

So don’t miss out on the opportunity to offer your child the best start in life as places are limited and filling up fast.  Secure your place now before it is too late.  Click Here to Contact Us

We hope to see you very soon and become part of our

 Banana Moon Family