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Infant Parenting Tips During a Health Crisis

Infant Parenting Tips During a Health Crisis
“The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is the defining global health crisis of our time and the greatest challenge we have faced since World War Two.”
This is how the United Nations Development Programme describes our current situation - a global health crisis.
It is because of this that new parents are becoming overly anxious about the future of their babies.
They often ask:
Will my child ever experience the same happy memories we’ve had while growing up?
Is my baby in danger because of this pandemic?
What if my baby gets sick? What do I do? Should I go to the hospital immediately?
How about my baby’s vaccines? Aren’t hospitals scary nowadays?
Your worries are valid. This pandemic, indeed, has created deep anxieties not just to new parents but to everyone around the world.
Here are some infant parenting tips for those  who need to care for infants during this pandemic:
1. Meditate
Although you may be staying at home for the entire day, there can still be so much noise going on in your mind and your heart. It would help you a lot if you and your partner can allot a few minutes a day to meditate. You can do this together while the baby is asleep or separately in your own chosen times.
2. Rest
Infant care is a challenging task. It can easily drain your energy as it requires 24/7 attention. However, you have to understand that your baby also relies on your good health. You have to keep yourself in good condition to be able to protect your little child. Rest whenever there is an opportunity. Since newborn babies would be sleeping most of the day, you also have to grab this chance to sleep or rest whatever time of the day it is.
3. Ask Help
No one expects you to be a super parent who can do it all alone. Neither should you set such toxic expectations on yourself. Embrace the loving help of your partner in childcare. It is also okay to constantly ask for advice from your parents, in-laws, doctors, and other childcare professionals. Use technology to call them whenever something bothers you.
4. Listen to Classical Music
Listening to classical music is not only beneficial for your baby but also for you. Take advantage of the relaxing atmosphere of your baby’s room to have your relaxation as well.
5. Eat Balanced Meals
Again, your health matters most. Since a lot of restaurants are now affected by the pandemic, there can be fewer options for commercialized food. Use this opportunity to rediscover your love for the kitchen by preparing healthy and balanced meals for your family. Remember that you have to keep yourself healthy first before you can protect your child from getting sick.
6. Discuss Options with Your Pediatrician
Afraid of bringing your child outside for a checkup or vaccine schedule? Then it is best to discuss options with your pediatrician. Maybe she can offer home consultations? Or perhaps your doctor has carefully sanitized and prepared her clinic for such purposes? Don’t be afraid to speak with your pediatrician about your concerns so that both of you can find the best solution.
Your baby has a wonderful future ahead. At the right time, all these will pass. For now, do your best to follow these infant parenting tips and as a parent to keep yourself healthy and well for your little child.

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